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The Rock camp is located in Al-Baydha area, 14 km ( 15 – 20 minutes drive ) north of Petra’s archaeological site.

From Petra’s Visitors’ Centre ( which is the entrance to the archaeological site of Petra ) head north towards

Al-Baydha, also known as Little Petra (road sign written Beda), pass the Bdoul Housing compound

(road sign written Bodol Hausing) and follow the road until you reach a T-junction which has a sign that shows

Little Petra or Al-Baydha to the left (about 8.5 km), turn right for 150m & then immediately left following Wadi Araba sign (not towards Shobak, written as Ash Shawbak). Follow the road until you reach a Y-junction (about 3.5 km), continue on the right leg of the junction along a narrow winding road for another 2 minutes (about 0.75 km) until you reach our sign. Go off-road (no need for a 4x4 vehicle) to the right, for about 1 minute drive (about 0.5 km),

where you would reach our camp.


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