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Ideally set in a lovely serene setting, The Rock Camp has captured the beauty and comfort of

lodging in 65 spacious tents merging impeccably into the timeless landscape with remarkable views of the soaring rocks. 

All tents are beautifully furnished in a colorful rustic touch with comfortable beds with sheets, pillows & blankets and have a satellite television & a mini-refrigerator. The camp offers three different types of lodging for guests to choose from:

The Rock Sparrow Domed Tents, The Crested Lark Tents & The Desert Lark Tents


The Rock is a unique camp located in a spectacular tranquil setting in Al-Baydha area of Little Petra;  14 km north of the

legendary rock-carved city of Petra, on the scenic route of Wadi Nemelleh, surrounded by majestic towering rocks and offers its guests a delightful private pool to unwind and revitalize after a long day at exploring the marvels of the mythical city of Petra.

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